Cleaning Your Dog Without Water!

Sometimes it is just not possible to give your dog a bath. 

That doesn't mean you can't keep your dog clean and smelling nice!

In between baths, you can definitely give your dog a "bath" without water:Brush Your Dog: First, groom your dog by brushing him from top to bottom! This can prevent his hair from matting (especially if you have a dog with long hair), and can get rid of dirt and dust trapped in the hair.

Use Doggie Wipes. Pay attention to crevices and creases under the tail, legs and don't forget the paws.

Use a Natural Spray: If your dog is not smelling particularly "fresh", use a natural spray to help add a pleasant scent to your dog. You can grab our Bark Butter All Day Cologne Spritzer to give your pooch back that fresh smell, spray over the dog, keeping away from the head and eyes and rub in.