Taking care of Dog Paws

Give Your Dog Pedicures

Your dog's nails should just barely touch the ground when they walk. Loudly clicking nails are a sign that you need to get the nail trimmers out. Get recommendations from your groomer or veterinarian on which nail trimmers to buy and ask for instructions on using them properly.

Trim Paw Hair

It can get matted, which can be painful. To prevent this comb the hair between the pads out and cut it even with the pads.

Clean Between Pads

Pebbles or even broken glass can be caught between the digital pads; therefore, you should check them regularly. In most cases, it will be possible to remove the object using tweezers.

Moisturize Pads to Prevent Cracking

Check out our very own Signature doggie Paw Healing and Repair Balm, We have used the same recipe for 5 years now and helped dogs all over the world with skin issues, dry paws and noses. Click here

Massage the Pads

This can have a relaxing effect on your dog and improve their circulation.

Choose the Right Time to Start an Exercise Program

If your dog has spent most of its time indoors and you want to start giving it more exercise, start slowly. An inside dog's paws will not have built up a tolerance to rough surfaces, cold or heat. It is, therefore, important to start by going on short walks and gradually lengthening the distance.

First Aid

If your dog gets a cut on one of its pads, you will need to apply first aid. Start by cleaning the cut with an antibacterial wash and follow that with some Bark Butter Healing and Repair Balm here . Bandage the paw. This may not be easy to do with some dogs, but it is important to do as much as you can to help keep your pet healthy. If you don't have antibacterial wash, a warm salt water solution will do.