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Healing + Repair Balm
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Healing + Repair Balm

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There’s not a pooch alive who doesn’t love to be pampered, so why not indulge your furry friend? Our Signature Healing and Repair Dog Balm is designed to make him smile, and puts Dry Skin, Irritations, Problem Paws, and Dry Noses in their place right away.

It even gives the two of you more time to hangout in the sun thanks to the SPF 30+ sun protection. Good times!  

Helps With:

Skin fold infections, Skin dermatitis, Yeast and bacterial infections, Redness and chaffing, Bug bites, Sores, Pimples, Scabbing, Hair loss, Hot-spots, Dry nose and paws, Grass allergies, Sunburn. Discoid Lupus, Hyperkeratosis, Windburn, Tear stains. Ear infections.

The Essentials:

Dog Balm | 50g tub
Great for any skin issues
Antibacterial and antiseptic 
Safe to lick