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Hypoallergenic Spritzer

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  • Made for sensitive dogs
  • Calming spritzer 
  • All day smell
  • Helps with itching
  • FREE Grooming eBook

Hypoallergenic Lavender Spritzer 

Made with filtered rain water and organic Australian lavender made in small batches to perfection. This hypoallergenic spritzer contains no artificial synthetic perfumes or alcohols. 

Our Hypoallergenic range is suited to those furkids that need a little extra care, with prone skin issues, sensitive noses and delicate coats

This product comes with a FREE - Bark Butter Grooming Ebook - Helpful tips and hints.

Helps With:

Calming, Stress, All day smell, Coat healing, Hot-spots, Antiseptic,Deodorizing.

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The Essentials:

Dog Spritzer | 125ml 
Calming and all day lavender scent 
Helps with itching
Removes nasty odours
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