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Loving the Bath butter

Had 3 bathes now and it is definitely helping our big fellas skin allegies. Not fixed yet but we are getting there

Soap Bar
Michelle D.
Great Product

Has helped my puppy with skin rash.

Amazing products

These products are amazing. Our dog had been itching for weeks, had a red belly and was miserable, we had Zen to the vets who gave us tablets which worked whole he was taking them but the redness stayed, once he finished them the itching started again, we brought the Sensitive sniffer pack and omg we have our happy furbaby back. He loves his baths now, the hemp soap is amazing, after his bath he gets his balm rubbed in and he loves it. I highly recommend these products. Just try them, you will be amazed and your furbaby will be so happy. Ps Zen says thanks for the treats too, they were yummy!!

Absolutely amazed at how well this has helped my grandson’s staffy with her itchy skin and red paws that she was always licking at and has helped with her smelly skin as well 5 stars

Sensitive skin

Hemp soap bar: great for our sensitive skin staffies
Repair balm: love this. I could use this myself. 🤗😘

Soap Bar
Jo J.

Great product 👍😊

So clean

My dog smells great and his coat is very white and fluffy .

Repair Balm
Georgia W.
Repair Balm

I ordered the Hemp Soap Bar and the Repair Balm for my two labs, Butter & Fudge. Both great products and came super quick! The repair balm worked wonders after its first application on Butter’s dry paws! Thank you 😊

Doggie snuggle package.

My dog Darla & I love the pack.

Soap Bar
Olivia P.

It helps my dog's hot spot

Sensitive Sniffer
Marileen R.
Soap bar

Loved it

No words to say ❤️🥰🥰

Splashing Hound
Melissa F.M.
So far, so good!

All went well at bath time.
No complaints from our Border Collie.
Lovely light fragrance, Archer looks whiter and feels soft.

Liesel T.
Fresher Pup

Smells great and pup smells great too.

Repair Balm
Robyn K.
Repair balm

Amazing could see results in couple of dayd

Soap Bar
Jackie b.

Love it my llasa has serious hot spot and a strang coat, bark butter is really helping, and our Maltese even his weepy eyes have been better, rinses so easy, and so much easier to use,l will be sticking to it

Finally some relief for an itchy little dog

I have a mini schnauzer with very sensitive skin and have been searching for a while for a shampoo that didn’t irritate his skin. Hypo shampoo has been excellent. Great to use, no fragrance and most importantly, no itches!

Travel Towel
Vicki G.
Awesome Drying Towel

We have a few of these that we use to dry our girls off after each bath. Very absorbent.

Sensitive Sniffer
Bernadette R.
Senstive Sniffer Doggie Bundle

Very Happy as our boy Jobe a dachshund has helped his problem so much will buy again, it was a real issue & his scratching & licking is almost gone. Thank you for your help when I message you & asked about the problem. Highly recommend.

Soap Bar
Debra S.
Soap bar

Great to use

Soap Bar
Pamela R.
Awesome soap

Lovely smell leaves coat clean and soft

Sensitive Sniffer
Jackson N.

Absolutely fabulous product, takes away the red rash and leaves fur so soft and fresh.

Soap Bar
Soap bar

Hemp soap bar is great my dog loves it, His coat was nice and shiney, He loved his peanut butter treats afterwards as well,
We will continue to get this great product..

Soap Bar
Rosemarie M.
Bark Butter Soap

Luved useing it for the first time the other week on my boy Casper..
He smelt great during his bath and afterwards, his coat was soft.
I think we both enjoyed it... For a dog that dosen't like to get bathed.

Love it!

After 12 months of terrible itchy red raw skin for my GSDxKelpie we have found this product amazing. The only thing we can wash him in now without causing a flare up and is helping the hair on his belly grow back. The balm has been excellent for hotspots, between his toes and the cracking on his nose all due to allergies.
Really happy with the product.

Great product

Left my boys coat nice and soft. I didn’t realise he was as dirty as he was until I used this and the dirt and dust just seemed to flow from him. Definitely recommend.