Woof Pack

Do you like Bark Butter Products as much as we do. 

We are asking a selected group of pooches to join the new Woof Pack Ambassadors Group.

What is the Woof Pack Group. 

The Woof Pack is a group of pooches that will be able to access the Bark Butter Rewards Program by sharing a personalised code with friends, family and social media accounts. When someone uses your code you will benefit with Bark Butter Points that can be redeemed on your next Bark Butter Purchase. So you get points when someone buys using your code and they get points, it's a win win. 

What are my benefits. 

Every time someone uses your code to purchase an item from Bark Butter you will receive points. As your points grow you can start to use them when you shop. The more your code is used by someone, the more you benefit - See Below 

  • 150 points for each purchase - Bronze Level  - Used 1-10 times 
  • 200 points for each purchase - Silver Level - Used 11-20 times
  • 250 points for each purchase - Gold Level - Over 20 times  

The more you share the code with friends and family the more you benefit. Easy right !! Check HERE on how you can spend your points.

We don't like to spam, so 2-3 times a month we will email our Woof Pack Members with special benefits that they can add to the promo code, like - treat bags , mini balms, free shipping, toys and so on. However feel free to DM me via Instagram if you would like something special for a promo or giveaway. We want our Woof Pack to benefit from sharing the code as much as possible, and help you build engagement via social media. Points will be added to your account manually normally 2-3 days after someone has used the code. If you are the owner of the code and use it to make a purchase, you will not receive the bonus 150 points, you will however earn the automated points built into the website - 5 Point for every $1 Spent.   

How do I check my points. 

  1. Sign into Bark Butter. 
  2. Hit the Reward Program button on the left , on a mobile it's the left side +  
  3. Head to - Earn more points. Scroll down
  4. Scroll down to see your points added. My points Activity section. 

How do i get approved.

Simply create an account using the form below wait for Fraser + Norman to email you back with good news. 

Please create your Bark Butter Account here ( its FREE ) so we can load your points to be used for future purchases.