Xmas Box - The White Edition

Xmas Box - The White Edition

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SOLD OUT FOR 2019  😐 

Treat your furry friend to something extra special this Xmas and you’ll be able to enjoy the sight of them grinning from ear to ear, all day long. Just what you need to show the pooch some love at the special time of year.

- Organic shampoo and all day spritzer keep your doggie smelling their best
- Healing & repair balm and travel balm are perfect for pampering
- Organic toothpaste and doggie toothbrush keep your four-legged friend smiling
- Dog toy and selection of mouthwatering festive doggie treats plus a secret Santa gift from Norman with Xmas card all fully wrapped with a ribbon to place under the tree

Incredible $100 value, available on sale for just $70

Free shipping on all orders over $70 ( AUS ONLY )

Xmas boxes ship the first week of December.

Whats in the box. 

200ml Organic 2 in 1 shampoo
100ml All day spritzer
50g Healing balm
10g Travel stick balm
50g Organic toothpaste + bio brush
1 Dog Chew toy
1 Pack of Xmas treats 
1 Secret Santa gift from Norman + Xmas card 
Full wrapped - posted in a double box for protection.

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