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The Bark Butter Chronicles

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Is your dog showing signs of separation anxiety. This means that she is uncomfortable being left home alone. Because dogs are social animals, it is...

Bathing a senior dog.

Bathing a dog is an adventure for both you and your furry friend, but bathing a senior dog, who may have certain health issues, can be a challenge....

Bathing a new dog, puppy or rescue dog.

If your dog isn’t familiar with being groomed, they may initially find the process stressful, confusing, or even frightening. If you’re starting to...

Our friends


I got the pamper pack for my little boy, his itching was driving me crazy. After one wash, that was all gone. Thanks x

Sue F

I have a couple of show dogs, and I must say the shampoo is so good, it really brings out the whites in the coat. I can't wait for the colonge to come out.

Wendy K

Hi There! I am a Petsitter and I often have pups come into my care with sensitive skin and allergies so when I came across the bark butter range I was really excited! So far the shampoos have neen Amazing. It leaves the coat clean and shiney and most importantly it's easy to rinse off and causes no irritation to my pups! 


We are very happy with all the products in the Grooming Pack by Bark Butter and have been using them for some time now.
My Country dog Chilli @countrydog_chilli regularly uses the Organic Shampoo as it helps to clean, her country paws well and also leaves her fur soft and fluffy.
The Repair Balm was used on her skin inside her leg (as well as paws) and has helped restore her skin to a better condition.

Dee Ross

My American Akita pup is always itching and has really red spots underneath from a reaction to outside. But after buying the grooming package, the shampoo made his coat so beautiful and soft. The balm, soothed it for him and the redness is slowly disappearing. He isn't attacking himself, which is great! The cologne makes him smell beautiful. 


After just 1 use, I noticed a difference on my pups' paws. I use it on him regularly and it has kept them so soft and smooth. Amazing!


Bark Butter is amazing, I’ve put it on his paw pads to keep them moisturised and health and under his belly where it sometimes gets a bit red in the summer. And it’s also good in his rolls on his nose. Cujo thought the treats were amazing too - thank you for a wonderful product!

Paula & Cujo the Pug

Purchased this pack a while ago and love it for my dog who has allergies and gets dry feet. The travel stick is so convenient, I can put on my dog and not have to wash my hands or worry that I didn’t put enough on.


Its great to find an organic product built from the Love of a man and his dog. There are no nasty chemicals, no strong odor, simply organic. My bulldog Diesel loves it, totally lickable.

Janie from Qld